Manufactuirng Recovery Toolkit goes Bruxelles

Tomorrow, wednesday 8th July, I’ll have the honour to present the Manufacturing Recovery Toolkit to the community of CAPS2015, the international conference about Collective Awarness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation.

It will be a short intervention, but really believe that in Bruxelles we have the chance to engage some other good and valuable contributors.

From their website:

An entire ecosystem of initiatives innovates the European and worldwide societies through a plurality of voices and approaches (social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, sharing economy, P2P, sustainable consumption, just to mention a few). What they all have in common is the use of Internet and the Internet of Things as a lever to scale, engage, ideate, debate, impact and overall tackle societal challenges.

A first batch of CAPS (Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation) projects has been launched with the support of the European Commission in 2013 (FP7 Call 10). A second Call is open within the Horizon 2020 EU research programme.

This international annual event – launched in 2014 in continuity with the “1st Dialogue on platforms for collective awareness and action” held at the European Commission in September 2011 – provides existing projects and initiatives with an opportunity to discuss their impact, increase their visibility, develop synergies and roadmaps, and liaise with any interested stakeholders: civil society organisations, NGOs, local communities, students and hackers, academic and industrial institutions, policy makers, national agencies, new Members of the European Parliament.

The CAPS2015 event is organised by the CAPS 2020 project coordinated by Sigma Orionis and funded by the European Commission

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